Tardis Birthday Cake

I recently made a Tardis cake for my son’s birthday. This is a guide on how I did it, what went wrong and what I think I should have done to make it right. If I am ever tempted to do it again, I will be┬ámore prepared!

The Beginning

I made lots of 8 inch square cakes. This was the first mistake, I should have made less, smaller, thicker cakes, but we live and learn. Then I did some research to see how other people had made Tardis cakes. There is a lot of variety out there, from the barely recognisable blue blobs (cute but messy!) to the amazingly professional looking ones with lights! There was also the option of the 2D flat cake, but I wanted a proper 3D standing up one.

The observant among you will notice that I did the research after making the cakes, another slight error!

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